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by t:mon

$17.53 USD $24.54 USD
  • Hair Accessories Category: Headband
  • Condition: New
  • Mosaic material: not inlaid
  • New exotic: freshly baked
  • Style: Japan and South Korea
  • Color classification: bears, bears, headbands, two rabbits, headbands, two bears, headbands, bears, rabbits, headbands, bears, ropes, a pair of English bears, cartoon bears, hair ropes, a pair of chicken hair ropes, a pair of English chickens + cartoon chicken hair ropes Bunny hair rope pair of English rabbit + cartoon rabbit hair rope pair of sleeping bears rabbit headband lip print sleep bear headband rabbit chick headband lip print bear small rabbit headband chicks bear headband sleep bear small chicken hair Hoop new chicken bunny headband
  • Price range: 20-24.99 yuan-