hair accessories ins net red with the same paragraph BB clip

by t:mon

$18.77 USD $26.28 USD
  • Hair accessories classification: side clip
  • Condition: New
  • Price range: 25-29.99 yuan
  • Mosaic material: not inlaid
  • New exotic: freshly baked
  • Style: Japan and South Korea
  • Color classification: gold pearl BB clip silver pearl BB clip gold rectangular pearl BB clip silver rectangular pearl BB clip gold double spell pearl hairpin golden flower retro pearl hairpin silver flower retro pearl hairpin small flower retro pearl hairpin gold square diamond pearl big Clip gold triangle diamond pearl large clip gold heart diamond large grab gold single row pearl hairpin gold single pearl hairpin double row empty pearl hairpin oval pearl diamond BB clip diamond single row word pearl BB clip Diamond double row hollow pearl BB clip small diamond single row pearl BB clip small diamond double row pearl BB sandwich shape pearl diamond BB clip silver double row pearl hairpin bow pearl hairpin square pearl diamond BB clip-